Monday, July 02, 2018

Episode VIII - A Review -   


from Lulu Press

The complete text of Andrew Rilstone's review of The Last Jedi, is now available as a handsome 64 page saddle stitched pamphlet.

All serious Star Wars fans, and possibly some frivolous ones. will want a copy of this book.

Special Offer - Patrons Only!

Patreon Supporters may purchase copies of 

Episode VIII - A Review

for only £2.60/$3.50

Want to Support Andrew's Writing...?

If you wish to support Andrew's writing but cannot commit to supporting him on Patreon, then consider buying the special fans edition of Episode VIII - A Review. 

(This is guaranteed exactly the same as the standard edition, with no extra content or features, but includes a £10 donation to Rilstonian funds.)

Episode VIII - A Review 

£15/$20 from Lulu Press

Try Before You Buy

The article which make up Episode VIII: A Review are still available on my blog.

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