Thursday, April 14, 2005

Mary Whitehouse is alive and well and living in Cardiff | Media | Doctor Who 'too scary', say parents


Anonymous said...

"before the house is destroyed in a gas explosion, killing the undertaker and his maid."

Glad to see they can't quite get their facts straight.

Anonymous said...

What you're all forgetting is that the children *must* be protected. And if it saves one human life it will all be worth it.

Nick Mazonowicz said...

I never had nightmares from Dr Who as a child

Although I did have nightmares from the video for Paul McCartney's Mull of Kintyre.

Anonymous said...

And of course if the little perishers are never exposed to anything that might, just a teensy-tiny bit, scare them then, obviously, they will grow up so much better adjusted than us traumatised lot.


Feel the fear and watch it anyway.

Anonymous said...

I never had nightmares from Doctor Who while growing up. I did have nightmares from the Magic Roundabout. That big, sharp springy thing hurtling at me out of the sky saying "time for bed!" looked life threatening.

I find children learn what to be scared about, almost entirely from their parents. Hereditary phobias.

If you think dead people coming back to life to be too scary, don't forget to ban Show White. If glowing spirits are too scary, ban Casper the ghost as well.

As for protecting children:
Some protection is justified, yes. But let's have some respect for children as well. They're naieve and weak, but they are people.

Unknown said...

Ah well, I suppose we should protect our children from all scary monsters, preparing them for the world by... oh.

It puts me in mind of the fact that children who never develop a fever early in life are more likely to become sensitive to common household allergens later on.

This is such a tidy metaphor, I had to double-check to make sure I hadn't made it up.