Monday, April 04, 2005

More Wagner

Fifty things you need to know about The Ring


Ernest Tomlinson said...

The first time I learned of Wagner was watching a broadcast of the Ring cycle that, I learned later, was the 1980 Bayreuth production with modernised staging that some liked and others hated (and said so loudly.) Later, when I wished to refamiliarise myself with the Ring, I got video recordings of that same production.

Assuming that the PBS broadcast was within a year of the performance itself, I would have been six or seven at the time. I don't remember being bored. Now I *am* bored and, the last time I tried, it took me considerable effort to sit through Das Rheingold and particularly Die Walkure all the way through. What does this say about me? Have TV and the Internet destroyed my attention span? Or my childhood innocence? Or something?

Mike Taylor said...

Come on, Rilstone! We've just had episode 3 and you've still not ever reviewed episode 2 yet! Wasn't Rose's "There's me" line, right at the end, an all-time high point in Dr. Who history? The world awaits your verdict.

Tom R said...

This from a former State Premier of New South Wales: