Thursday, September 04, 2008

Nicholas Parsons: ...the subject is "science fiction". Will you tell us something about that subject, in this game, starting now:

Chris Addison: Science fiction is generally associated with the sorts of boys who generally don't find it easy to get girlfriends and also find it rather difficult to... [FX: BUZZ]

Nicholas Parsons: have 53 seconds on "science fiction" starting now:

Sue Perkins: People who like science fiction want to explore brave new worlds whilst failing to understand simultaneously there's one they're living in right here and now. They never seem to be interested in what happens out side their front door instead they like to peruse comics and magazines which splik glibly... [BUZZ]

Nicholas Parsons: ...37 seconds available, "science fiction", starting now:

Julian Clary: Science fiction isn't a literary genre I've ever paid much attention to, but I can make some up on the spot for you because it really is that easy: "Mr Gobbledegook walked down the road, and sudd...[BUZZ]

Nicholas Parsons: have got "science fiction", the subject, 24 seconds, starting now:

Paul Merton: ...Kurt Vonnegut wrote a wonderful book [BUZZ]


Bristol SF Group said...

I refuse to believe that the delightful Sue Perkins said anything of the sort, and you can't make me.

Ben said...

I was waiting for someone to point out that Mr Parsons once played a vicar in Dr Who. But no.

Andrew Rilstone said...

Nichloas Parson roles as Rev. Wainwright is cited as one of the five worst guest stars in a feature entitled "50 Greatest Doctor Who Moments" in the current issue of "Sci-Fi Now". An excellent article, I thought.