Friday, May 07, 2010

How democracy works. 64% of those who bothered to vote didn't vote for the Blue Party. This is an overwhelming mandate for the Blue Party. (71% of those who bothered to vote didn't vote for the Red Party. This amounts to complete annihilation of the Red Party.) 52% if those who bothered to vote voted for either the Red Party or the Yellow Party. A joint Red-Yellow government would therefore be an affront to democracy.

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SK said...

But what he said:

And vote for the yellow party is a vote for the yellow party, and cannot be presumed to be a vote for a joint red/yellow government. If a joint red/yellow government was on the cards, then the yellows and reds should have sorted that out before the election and put it before the voters. You can't go changing the rules after the votes are in because you prefer the result that way.

(The same applies to a blue/yellow government, of course. I think the only sane course now is a blue government with the yellows agreeing not to vote against them on budget and confidence measures, but not entering formal coalition).