Friday, May 07, 2010

OK. I am quite happy with Klegg saying that he will sign a pact with anyone, up to and including Mephistopheles, provided the offer voting reform. But he mustn't prop up the Blue Nasties for anything less than constitution reform. If you are going to sell your birthright, make damn sure you actually get the pottage.


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Martin said...

I believe that's why during the campaign Clegg ruled out a conventional coalition. Paddy Ashdown years ago warned the party conference against accepting a few ministerial jobs instead of policies. The real question is not whether there will be electoral reform, but whether it will be adequate reform. Alternative Vote sounds nice but makes little difference in practice. STV is a hard sell to those who would lose by it. And a referendum on electoral reform doesn't necessarily mean a Yes vote, particularly if the Nasty Press tell us all that PR will cause our children to be sold into slavery.