Friday, May 07, 2010

I wish I was a member of the Lib Dems so I could resign if Klegg hands power to the Tories.


  1. As I write the final results aren't in, but Labour + Libs isn't enough to form a majority, so the prospect of Clegg siding with Cameron is very real and I have to say that, as a lifelong Liberal Democrat voter who has lived in one safe seat after another (two Labour and two Tory), if Clegg takes my (admittedly wasted, on this occasion) vote and gives power to Tony Mark II I will personally kick him in the gentleman's area.

  2. I suppose that getting PR will have long term effects on the next go around, but I can't help feeling that principles are more important than power at any cost. Give Dave the majority he needs and there's no telling what damage he could do with it - the BBC would be pretty buggered for a start when Uncle Murdoch comes to collect on his investment.

    Maybe I should downgrade my response to a strongly worded letter.

  3. But are perfectly sustained principles more important than ever getting any power whatsoever to act on them?