Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nothing to see here.

You really need to read this page and also this one . I have got into the habit of responding to evil lying tabloid pondscum and evil lying political pondscum through a mixture of smugness and sarcasm, but there really is a need for this kind of rage as well. We are the men of England and we have not punched you in the face yet. And we're probably not going to because we probably can't be bothered, but it's the thought which counts.

No interest whatsoever in the Archers, but the Bellowhead theme is straight in at number 5 in the "unofficial national anthem" stakes.

I realise everybody else within a vague interest in Americana knew this already, but I didn't. The words are religious, you see, but the tune is oddly familiar....

Obviously, stealing tunes is what folk singers do, by definition, but hearing this makes me admire Mr Guthrie even more than I did before.

Which reminds me: came across this in the Joe Klein biography (quite the most depressing book I have ever read, in a good way):

"The national debit is one thing I caint figger out. I heard a senator on a radeo a-saying that we owed somebody 15 jillion dollars. I don't know their name but I remember the price. Called it the national debit. If the nation is the government and the government is the people, then I guess that means the people owes the people, that means I owe me and you owe you, and I forget the regular fee, but if I owe myself something, I would be willing to just call it off rather than have senators argue about it, and I know you would do the same thing and then we wouldn't have no national debit." (Woody Sez newspaper column, c 1939.)

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Richard Worth said...

Pondscum probably serves a useful ecological function, but I am not as excised as I might be by the proposed cap on immigration. Racism is a bit like capital punishment: a commonplace minority view when we were kids but now confined to the cranky fringe. Immigration control is more like imprisonment: something that all mainstream parties believe in to some extent even if they argue passionately about scale and severity. A cap on immigration therefore seems like a cap on prison numbers: it may be unfair to individuals who should be let in/ locked up, but it may serve to keep the overall system controllable in the wider public interest. Likewise, taking the wind out of the Blackshirts' sails seems admirable, like handing down strong jail sentences in serious cases to reduce pressure for capital punishment.