Thursday, April 28, 2011

On the news yesterday, there was a vox-pop quote from an American lady, referring to the Leader of the Free World and Commander in Chief: "He isn't even an American citizen."

Last week on Have I Got New For You, a Tory politician (such a minor one that she was preapred to appear on Have I Got News For You) said "A.V is such a bad system that only three countries in the world use it. All the rest use first-past-the-post."

I can sort of understand how someone can believe in Six Day Creation or Homeopathy or something. But these Tea Pots and Naysayers don't even understand their own arguments.


Paul Brown said...

I understand that quite a lot of countries use military dictatorship as their form of government. Perhaps this should be added as an option to the referendum?

steve said...

I remember many years ago seeing a Melanie Phillips 'article' in which she professed her steadfast belief that there is "no such thing as the greenhouse effect".

It's not an argument I've ever heard her make again, but - amongst other things - it raises serious questions about the actual surface temperature of the planet Venus (perhaps it's really quite mild?), not to mention the viability of British strawberries in April.

Richard Worth said...

Is the technical term 'cognative dissonance' (you can't believe a black left-winger is really President so he MUST have somehow cheated, and FPTP MUST be popular because that's what we use) or 'deliberate fudging the issue'?