Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thought for the Day

"Each new discovery, even every new theory, is held at first to have the most wide-reaching theological and philosophical consequences. It is seized by unbelievers as the basis for a new attack on Christianity; it is often, and more embarrassingly, seized by injudicious believers as the basis for a new defense. But usually, when the popular hubbub has subsided and the novelty has been chewed over by real theologians, real scientists and real philosophers, both sides find themselves pretty much where they were before."

C.S Lewis


  1. What's this? Comments???

    Must be a gravitational wave distorting time...

  2. I think this is happening less than it used to(*). You could make a case that it's a sign of the decline of Christianity, but I suspect it's just better science journalism.

    (*) Except possibly in archaeology of the Middle East.

  3. I had in mind a fella who reported (not very seriously) the black holes thing as "Science proves God does not exist".