Monday, June 13, 2016

And remember: if you back me on Patreon, you not only show me that you think my writing is worthwhile; you not only encourage me to press on with this project and motivate me to think of something interesting to say about The One With Doctor Doom; but you also stimulate Bristol's economy by giving me spare cash to spend on coffee and muffins at Cafe Kino. 

Plus, you get little extras, like my unfinished book about Winnie the Pooh and Samuel Beckett, and access to my occasional video diaries....and the exclusive right to suggest things for me to talk about in the next one.

You just have to click a button and say you'll give £1 or 50p each time I put an article up. If you have paypal or a credit card it's all seamless and automatic. You can put a limit on (lots of people say $5) so if I decide to write 200 essays in one month, I won't bankrupt you.

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and while you are there, you could always back Brian (who writes about coffee) and Andrew Hickey (who writes about...a lot of the same stuff I write about) as well.

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