Monday, June 06, 2016

From Trowbridge last year, a few seconds caught on my phone of the best musician I imagine I'll ever see live. So pleased that I went to see them three times last year. (On the final occasion, Swarb had to more or less be lifted onto the stage, and couldn't tell his story about "Unst" because of massive dental problems...but it didn't seem to affect his fiddle playing at all.) I heard him do a solo set at the Folk House a couple of years ago, and he described collecting fiddle tunes off an old fiddler and recording them on a primitive reel-to-reel tape recorded. "The same kind we recorded Liege and Lief on..." It suddenly hits you: genuine legend.

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Andrew Hickey said...

Saw the two of them last year at Moseley Folk Festival, and about five years ago at the Lowry in Manchester. Swarb actually seemed to be doing much better last year than he was at the earlier show, and I'd hoped he'd had a few more years left in him. Terribly sad.