Friday, June 15, 2007

In case you didn't hear it, this week's "Clue" included not one but two of the rudest (and cleverest) jokes ever exhibited on the BBC.


Andrew Rilstone said...

Suggest chat-up lines that might be appropriate for opera enthusiasts.

(Stephen Fry) "Wagner can be terribly difficult. Let me take you through The Ring."

"The grand master of (charades) was of course Lionel Blair. He recently performed a demonstration game at an inter-faith conference. All eyes were fixed on the stage as he mimed some of the lessor known presenters of "Thought for the Day", before Lionel Blue, the Bishop of Bath and Wells, and the Chief Rabbi."

Louise H said...

I discovered today that I had been doing this show a great injustice. Samantha, so the Times tells me, does not actually exist. And this i have been feeling vaguely outraged to no purpose.

And I still don't get the second joke. hint, please.

Andrew Rilstone said...

"...watched him mime the names of some of the lessor known presenters of Thought for the Day before Lionel blew the Bishop of Bath and Wells and the Chief Rabbi."

Lionel Blair = rather camp dancer
Lionel Blue = Jewish contributor to "Thought for the Day"
To blow = to have oral sex with

Louise H said...

Thank you (I think). I'm bad enough hearing puns without spotting them written down.

Andrew Rilstone said...

"Samanatha is a big fan of Mr. Sainsbury's "Beef in Guinness", but tonight by way of change she is hoping to enjoy Mr. Dewhurst's famous "Tongue in Cider".