Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Couldn't have said it better myself.


Steven Carr said...

The angel tells a girl about to be married that she is going to have a baby - she shall conceive.

That does happen.

Would you like me to explain how?

Steven Carr said...

'Isn't it equally possible that the very, very early Christians did indeed believe that Jesus had a supernatural conception...'

When Paul wants to talk about a birth of a child which heralded a new covenant, nothing can induce him to mention one detail of the birth of Jesus, other than that he was born of a woman.

No , for Paul, it was the birth of Isaac whose birth was the very best one to use for a child born of spirit, whose birth heralded a new covenant.

His readers, used to tales of the virgin birth of Jesus, with angels announcing that he was 'God-with-us', they must have thought Paul a right idiot, and possibly as someone who knew less theology than Dawkins.

Can you imagine the scorn heaped on Dawkins if he had left the virgin birth of Jesus out of his book and had started prattling on about Isaac instead?