Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Loose Ends (4)

I may at some stage try and write a review of the Hobbit

But on the other hand, I may just sit in the corner and weep softly to myself. 

Man of Steel looks appalling, and after dubbing the last one The Abomination, I would be a bit of a humbug to go and see Into Darkness. 

I am greatly looking forward to The Miserables. 


Mike Taylor said...

I don't consider an unsolicited rabbit-sledge adequate grounds for actual weeping. I myself felt that the appropriate response was, and I quote: "Pfft."

Mike Taylor said...
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ZZ said...

Les Miz stinks. Skip it. Given the current trend in films, it's time for the Rapture.

Mike Taylor said...

ZZ, to get context for your evalutation of the Les Mis movie: what did you think of the stage-show?

Andrew Rilstone said...

And not only that, but they've turned it into a book as well.