Saturday, May 18, 2013


1: pretty good
2: does the magical realist metaphor thing to a silly extent .... What does inside my time stream even mean....and the leaf.....
3: Does it strike you that  Moff imagined this as the anniversary special, and all the little cameos of past Doctors were planned as actual guest appearances?
4: DoctorWhoBuddy says " I can't remember the last time there was an episode with that much talking in it"
5: Really liked the idea of the Doctor's grave
6: Atmosphere of whole story very fine, actually.
7: Expected the mysterious man at the end to be The Great Intelligence who has after all been the Doctor twice, nearly
8: Actual ending genuinely surprising  although arguably more structurally surprising than anything  in the sense that it is not the way Who stories generally end.
9: In a sense it was one of those fan endings -- it isn't immediately clear what follows from it.
10: Are we supposed to think that Matt Smith is going, or are we actually getting the pay off on five years of hints about the Dark Doctor and setting up mysterious man at the end as a new ongoing baddy.
11: Congratulations on keeping it secret.
 12: All told, pretty good.


Mike Taylor said...

1. Yes. If found it a satisfying finale.
3. It does feel quite anniversaryish, but only Ten was ever going to actually appear in the special.
7. I don't understand how has the GI been the Doctor?
9. No, it's not clear what follows from it, and I don't think I would want it to be. But it's clear that many different things could follow from it.
10. My reading is that his is the incarnation between McGann and Eccleston, and this is the one that destroyed Gallifrey; but the Doctor himself doesn't think of the genocider as a Doctor, hence the skip in the numbering.

Andrew Rilstone said...

In Curse of Fatal Death and Scream of the Shalka. It's a sort of a joke, you see. Never been much good at them myself, but I'm told they can be terribly effective.

Mike Taylor said...

It's obviously time I watched TCoFD again. Is Schalka a thing that you can watch?

Andrew Stevens said...

Mike Taylor: No need to watch them. Richard E. Grant, the actor who played the Great Intelligence in this episode, also played the Doctor in Curse of Fatal Death and Scream of the Shalka.

Andrew Rilstone said...

And don't forget the time the Great Intelligence and the Eighth Doctor were sharing a flat in Camden Town.

Unknown said...

'We've gone on holiday in our own time stream by accident.'