Sunday, May 07, 2017


Here We Go Down the Slippery Slope

If the zealots responsible for airbrushing Colston continue, how long can the name Bristol survive? What about renaming it Utopia...?

     R.L Smith

(If) this student level of empty gesturing previals and everywhere in our fair city is renamed Mandela Street...

     Rob Pearce

….just rename everything you can, change the name Bristol to Constant Guilt. 

     F Cannon

For those against capital and corporal punishment, please rename Birch Road, Hung Road and Redlynch lane. For animals liberationist, change Badgers Lane, Dolphin Street (continue for four columns)

     Rob Pearce

The Pyre of Denthor

If people are offended by the building, maybe it should be razed to the ground

     C Stephens

If you are serious than raze the building the ground…

     Colin McNamee.

What next, witch hunts?

     F Cannon

Ah well, what next? Maybe we’ll burn a few books that we don’t like in Queens Square, before they rename it.

     C Stephens

Dead Cat’s Society

Unless Louise Mitchell, chief executive of the Bristol Music Trust can categorically prove that none of her ancestors were in any way involved with slavery, she should resign…

     MJ Dupont

We were slaves once, the Roman Empire. I don’t see the bleeding hearts complaining about anythign with a Roman name

     F Cannon

Ah div nae wint sugar on ma porritch 

Be assured that it will always be remembered by us true Bristolians as the Colston Hall

     Terry Pring

I hope all like minded Bristolians will complain long and loud

     Rob Pearce

I am sure that genuine Britolians are cpable of living in the shadow of whatever has gone before…

     A Bevington

Before jumping into a decision to chane the name of the Colston Hall I think those involved, who may not even be Bristolians, ought to do more historical research…

     Pamela Mitchell

Also is Dr Horton a Britolian?

     E Jones

May I suggest to those in favour of changing the name of the Colston Hall, we have a very good coach, bus and train station. If you don’t like Bristolian histoy then feel free to make use of them.

     A Hughes

Viva la brigada de corrección política!

In my opinion it is another stark example of politically correct fascism that we could well do withiout. 

     C Stepens

I would suggest that political correctness is the real reason

     Chris Johnson

Pandering to a current political correct few after generations of use as the Colston Hall. 

     Colin McNamee

"Genocide is supposed to be reprehensible, but..."

Colston may have been a slave-trader and hence anti-humanitarian, but…
     Francis Harvey

I agree that the slave trade was a disgrace but…

     Tim Mahooney

I do not believe these past actions of individuals or governments are acceptable however… 

     Chris Johnson

Why are we vilifying Edward Colston when he was only engaging in an accepted trade of the time? Why after nearly 400 years has this been blown out of all proportion?

     Pamela Mitchel

Send forth the best ye breed...

Europeans did not invent the slave trade. The slaves were made by their own people

     E Jones

The real culprits in the slave trade were the black Africans…

     Pamela Mitchell

all from the Bristol Post...

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Scurra said...

And all of those are the reasons why in four weeks time we will be rejoicing at the coronation of Good Queen Theresa.