Saturday, January 26, 2019

Before you go....

I want to say thank you to various other blogs, web sites, and human beings.

The Amazing Spider-Fan:

Fannish rather than analytical, but absolutely indispensable for checking facts and plot points.

Dial B For Blog

Fortunately takes a completely different approach from mine, but definitely contains the definitive account of Ditko as an artist. (Floorplan of his studio based on extant photos, anyone?)

The King in Red and Blue

I don't always agree with Sean's writing -- truthfully I don't always understand it -- but this is one of only a few blogs which takes Spider-Man fundamentally seriously.

Eruditium Press

This has changed the way I, and everyone else, think about Geek stuff, and I am sure everyone here is reading it.

And as ever, thanks to Andrew Hickey and Mike Taylor for being two of my most loyal readers and most consistent boosters.

And always to the 47 people who are kind enough to actually support me on Patreon. (We talk about "supporting my writing" and "paying for my essays", but if not for Patreon I would have to work more hours at my day job and wouldn't be able to waste my evenings working out Peter Parker's bank balance, shoe size and star sign.) 


Mike Taylor said...

Thanks, Andrew! This series has been fascinating. I'm sorry to see it end.

And, you know, if you're ever at a loose end, you could look at say the first dozen or so Hulk comics.

Andrew Rilstone said...

Or Doctor Strange?

Mike Taylor said...

For whatever reason, I've never read those. So for myself, that wouldn't be top of the list. But if I've learned one thing in 12 years of blogging, it's that it always goes best when I'm writing about something I want to write about. The moment I start trying to meet other people's agendas, it stops being fun.

Sean Dillon said...

Thanks for the kind words. As I always joke, there are two Spider-Man blogs: the good one and mine.