Wednesday, February 26, 2020



Mike Taylor said...

But what happened to #14?

BTW., the list of attractions in #12 is just perfect:
* The Clangers
* Sigmund Freud
* The General Synod

Andrew Rilstone said...

I am glad you asked. The Watchmen book, which wasn't about gaming, was billed as "An Aslan #14 production."

Mr James Wallis kept his fanzine, Sound and Fury, going for a number of years after it ceased publication. I think issue #10 was a single page fanzine given away at conventions, issue #11 was printed on a tee-shirt, and issue #12 was a conceptual zine ("I thought about doing it").

I hardly dare look, but I assume the General Synod had been talking about the Great Dungeons and Dragons Moral Panic.

Mike Taylor said...

Well, I can wish you'd included #14 in the video; but I'm sure there's little point in going back and adding it back in.

I do love #14, by the way. I have gone back and re-read it many times, and I think "Watchmen contains the seeds of its own deconstruction" is one of my favourite lines in anything anywhere.

Andrew Rilstone said...

thank you....

i will get around to writing something about the HBO TV series when I get a Round Tuit