Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Slightly Important Message

 I will not pay money to Elon Musk under any circumstances.

Twitter has been quite a useful way of reaching out to people who don't know me but might be interested in some of the subjects I write about. 

If you think my writing is worthwhile, please consider plugging me on any social media platform or your own website. 

Andrew Rilstone is an interesting blogger who writes about comic books, fantasy and science fiction, theatre, movies, folk music, Christianity and sometimes politics. 

Why not have a look at his blog [] or think about supporting him on Patreon []

I am doing three more essays on the children's sci fi books, and then start thinking about the Key To Time. Unless something else catches my eye...


AndrewSshi said...

Do you have a Bluesky invite? I've got a few if you need one.

Lirazel said...

Here's the boosty toot on Mastodon: