Sunday, December 27, 2009

3: 1970s Amercian children's TV in "quite good" shock.


Anonymous said...

I understand the cookie part. He means "biscuit" of course.

Eric Spratling said...

"I think Cookie [Monster], more than any other Muppet, is the purest representation of what Jim Henson was going for when he started out. He wanted to make something ridiculous to make people smile in a world that frowns on the ridiculous. The learning and the friendship came later. Before letters and numbers and musical acts with Elton John, he was sitting with a pad of paper and, for whatever reason, thought 'very hungry' was all the character development he needed. And you know what? Almost 40 years later little kids are wearing bibs with Cookie Monster on them. Maybe the rest of us are just trying too hard." - Progressive Boink