Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not Right.



crispy said...

i've been lurking silently for some time, but i have to say i agree wholeheartedly on this one! thank you!

Mike Taylor said...

Actually, watching Lawrence Miles' personality disintegrate under the pressure of New Who in general and Moffat's success in particular has been a peculiarly compelling experiences -- like watching a slow-motion car-crash. Sometimes you have to look away; but you keep wanting to look again.

So, Andrew: The Big Bang. Yes? No?

(If I might tentatively offer a suggestion: yes.)

NickPheas said...

It seemed to be Yes on Saturday.

Greg G said...

"blow-up doll"?

"Most Attractive Woman in the UK Who Looks Like a Fish"

Oh dear.

Stephen Watson said...

It seems to be that Andrew loves an episode when watching it, yet hates it when reviewing it.

Oh and "What's the point of having a time machine if you can't change history sometimes?"

Andrew Rilstone said...

Am I missing something here? I thought I had given a highly positive review to every story of this season so far?

ME: critic who writes for sci-fi now
LAWRENCE MILES: novelist who writes blog

ME: likes season 5 of Doctor Who very much, and keeps saying so
LAWRENCE MILES: doesn't like season 5 of Doctor Who or Steven Moffat. Likes Bagpuss.

Or did you think that the word "wrong" refers to the episode, rather than to Mad Larry's review?

Or what?

Will get caught up with Season 5 reviews, ASAP, and then get back to important things like politics and Winnie-the-Pooh.

Andrew Rilstone said...
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SK said...

Lawrence Miles is always wrong.

But sometimes, at the same time, he's right.

(If you don't think that's possible, we'll have to introduce you to the Grandfather. Don't worry, he's 'armless.)

And this time he is a little bit right.

And I say that as someone who thinks this series has the best merit/flaw ratio of any since 2005.

There is a bit too much now in Doctor Who-the-story that is self-evidently about Doctor Who-the-programme.

He's wrong that Moffat got it from him, though.

The Pandorica Opens isn't Alien Bodies writ large.

It's not even Dimensions in Time.

It's The Curse of Fatal Death.

Greg G said...

I have no problem with Doctor Who being about "Doctor Who" especially in the first of presumably at least five seasons. Making his mark, etc.

And at least it's about something other than Radio Times covers, y'know?

This Lawrence chap is not 100% wrong in everything he says but very few people are.

When Andrew dislikes an episode (or a season) he tells us not only why but in a fair, erudite manner that is entertaining to read and informative not only of the episode and Who in general but of storytelling and storymaking and Andrew himself.

Lawrence seems upset that someone has taken his toys away.

Andrew Rilstone said...

He often hits the nail on the head: his thing about Old Who being like a stage play (and the "glossiness" of the J.N.T era being the first attempt to make it movie-like) is now an essential part of my mental toolkit, particularly when watching "The Dominators."