Friday, November 22, 2013

29 Nov 1898 - 22 Nov 1963

Dear Miss Douglas

Thanks for your kind note. Yes autumn is really the best of the seasons: and I'm not sure that old age isn't the best part of life. But of course, like Autumn, it doesn't last.

Yours Sincerely

C.S Lewis

Letter dated "31 Sep 63"


Anonymous said...

One does hope that the weather in Heaven permits of the sharpness of winter mornings and the mellow coolness of autumn afternoons, as well as spring and summer.

Mike Taylor said...

HURRAH, my copy of The Viewer's Complete Tale has arrived!

Andrew Rilstone said...

Whoot! After all the delays at my end, Lulu took me by surprise at how fast the books were sent out.

Andrew Stevens said...

Now that you're a fancy-schmancy book author who primarily expresses himself in 140 characters or less, obviously you can't be bothered with this blog any more. However, you should at least consider a post so people can talk about your book in the comments section.

Loved the Master Plan essay, so thanks a lot! I would quibble with your assumption that everyone who watched TV was reading about it in the Radio Times beforehand. Perhaps the UK in the '60s was different, but even when TV Guide was the most popular magazine in the U.S., only a minority of TV viewers read TV Guide.

Andrew Rilstone said...

Thankings! Maybe we could take any bouquets and brickbats over here:

Thankings again!