Sunday, November 03, 2013

There are more stretch goals!

£2050 UNLOCKED -- Bookplate by folkbuddy Clarrie
£2150 UNLOCKED -- Internal illustrations by folkbuddy Clarrie
£2200 -- Facsimiles of rare Rilstone Whovian juvenilia.
£2400 -- Cover by Whovian artist 2ndFADE

So basically...if you haven't pledged for the book yet, its looking like a nicer and nicer thing every minute...

And there may just possibly be last minute announcement still to come.


Mike Taylor said...

I have to admit I thought you were crazy aiming for £2000. I'm amazed, but absolutely delighted, that you've hit that goal with something to spare. Congratulations.

Andrew Rilstone said...

I have been on a journey. I knew the 2000 target was ambitious; I had a plan B and a plan C. On the other hand "There are enough people who read me, there must be 100 people who would buy a book off me" still seemed a not unreasonable starting point. Having jumped over the initial cliff, I just kept on plugging. If I did it again, which I will, I would do it differently. I guess I have learned a think which any freelancer or self publisher could have told me, which is you spend as much time promoting yourself as you on the actual work. And making video podcasts is quite fun. Thank you for your support. Thank you everyone for their support.

Andrew Stevens said...

I didn't think it was unreasonable when I first saw it, but I assumed your site traffic was higher than I now think it is, given the numbers which you have posted.

If it's true that only 466 people have read your "Pink Yeti" post, then your traffic is lower than I assumed it was, but you obviously have an extremely high engagement level from the people who do read your blog. That nearly 20% of those have pledged to your Kickstarter is a remarkable number. Typically, I would expect more like 1-5%.