Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Hugo Awards 2016

The following essays were published on this forum in 2015 and eligible for nomination for the Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer and Best Related Work.

Captain America 1942 - 2015

It's not going to happen; but isn't it worth a go just to imagine the look on the face of the guy whose name we never mention (who lost in five categories last year)?

Hugo Award Categories

The Official Rules

Best Fan Writer: 
This is another person category. Note that it does not just apply to writing done in fanzines. Work published in semiprozines, and even on mailing lists, blogs, BBSs, and similar electronic fora, can be including when judging people for this Award. Only work in professional publications should not be considered.

Best Related Work: 

Awarded to a work related to the field of science fiction, fantasy, or fandom, appearing for the first time during the previous calendar year or which has been substantially modified during the previous calendar year. The type of works eligible include, but are not limited to, collections of art, works of literary criticism, books about the making of a film or TV series, biographies and so on, provided that they do not qualify for another category. Nonfiction collections are eligible here, but fiction anthologies generally are not because all of the individual works within the anthology are eligible in one of the “story” categories. There is no category for “Best Anthology.”

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Andrew Rilstone said...

Would that I had £300,000
Invested in some strong security;
A Midland Country House with formal grounds,
A Town House, and a House beside the sea,
And one in Spain, and one in Normandy,
And Friends innumerable at my call
And youth serene – and underneath it all
One steadfast, passionate flame to nurture me.

Then would I chuck for good my stinking trade
Of writing tosh at 1s. 6d. a quire!
And soar like young Bellerophon arrayed
High to the filmy Heavens of my desire ....

But that's all over. Here's the world again.
Bring me the Blotter. Fill the fountain-pen.