Thursday, December 19, 2019

Did you like Star Wars Episode IX: Rise of Skywalker



Mike Taylor said...

What a coincidence! So do I!

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Andrew Stevens said...

Haven't seen any of the latest trilogy yet, but now that it's done, I'll probably rectify that when I can stream all three. Off-topic, but somewhat related, I went with my daughter and father-in-law to the film version of Cats. Ignore the critics; it's a perfectly good adaptation of the stage show. Too reliant on CGI, but I feel like I've been saying that about almost every movie for the last 20 years. My daughter and I both enjoyed it and my father-in-law (a bigger fan of the stage show than either of us) thought it was fantastic. My opinion of Cats has always been that it's not a good musical, but it is a great show. I had a similar opinion of Webber's Starlight Express which I saw on Broadway (high school field trip) before it faded into obscurity - the "they're all singing on rollerskates!" feeling lasts long enough to sustain the entire show.

Claims Lawyers said...

We thought this was an excellent ending to the Skywalker saga. I know some didn’t like it, but we really did. I have thought Rey was a great character since she was introduced, and I still think so. Keep an open mind and see what you think.