Wednesday, December 18, 2019

it's only a movie

these are only made up characters

the person writing the film isn't even the person who made them up

it also isn't even the person who made up the last film

if you like it that is cool

you liked the last one more than some people did

and you liked the three before the one before last WAY more than most people did

it isn't an exam you are going to take

it isn't sensible to feel nervous and apprehensive

not in a 'I am looking forward to this way'

but in a 'I hope I am not disappointed way'

in any event it will not be the biggest disappointment in the last week.

this is the way people who feel who were driven mad by the last one

mad to the point of cutting up dolls and demanding someone make it again

although maybe they were mad already

probably they were mad already

if someone makes a bad Batman film then there can still be a good Batman film

if someone makes a bad Spider-Man film there will be another one a long in a minute

but because of the funny way the rules have panned out; this film can never be made again

this film will define and redefine the universe and whether the universe continues

you do not break faith with the your younger selves if you do not like this film

this film does not break faith with your younger selves if it is not very good

all previous films and action figures and memories at 3am will be exactly as they were at 11pm

symbols and archetypes and flags and relics matter

either they became archetypes because we invested in them, or we invested in them because they were archetypes

it is possible to be overinvested

i wish this was something I could just sit back and enjoy

possibly taking it a bit too seriously

i wish this was only a movie

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