Monday, September 19, 2022

What Did You Think of the Rings of Power Episode One


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JWH said...

The next episode was a bit better, if that is any comfort.

JWH said...

Eldest daughter: "There is no problem with dark-skinned elves; there is however a problem with grim-faced elves with crew cuts".

JWH said...

Me: "Weirdos on the internet are busy being weirdly wrong about dark-skinned elves and dark-skinned being forbidden by canon, which is not true. OTOH WTF happened to Celeborn, Galadriel's husband, who is 100% part of the canon".

JWH said...

What do you mean, you gave yourself a pass on watching the third part of The Hobbit?!?!? Not saying you weren't right to suspect it was a total horror, because it absolutely was, but the world needs more top-class exegesis on it...

Since it feels relevant to the characterization in "Rings of Power", there was no problem whatsoever canonically or cinematically with having the Woodland King's Chief Guard being a female - but the 'romantic' relationship between her and Kili was a disaster of the first-order. The only thing I can think of which was worse was Caspian and Susan kissing. I am not sure that directors can cope with the register in which Tolkien (or Lwewis) does romance.