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The Spider-Man Project

Andrew Rilstone's on-going close-reading  of Amazing Spider-Man #1 - #33 - the first great graphic novel in American literature. 

"Perhaps the most detailed study of a comic book ever attempted; will be to The Amazing Spider-Man what Revolution in the Head is to the Beatles."

"You may think you love these comics. But Rilstone loves them more and has spent longer thinking about them than you have." 

"Whether it's Flash Thompson's honour code; the connection between Jonah Jameson and Stanley Baldwin or all the times Stan Lee wrote a caption without understanding the pictures Rilstone will point out things about Spider-Man you never noticed before." (*)


I: How Stan Lee and Steve Ditko create Spider-Man

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Amazing Fantasy #15

II: 1963

Spider-Man - Freak! Public Menace!

Spider-Man vs The Chameleon

Duel to Death With the Vulture

Spider-Man vs Doctor Octopus, the Strangest Foe of All Time

Nothing Can Stop - The Sandman!

Marked For Destruction by Doctor Doom

Face to face with the Lizard

The Return of the Vulture


III: 1964

The Terrible Threat of the Living Brain

          What is Flash Thompson's problem with Peter Parker?

          Peter Parker's glasses as a clue to the meaning of the Marvel Universe

Spider-Man Tackles The Torch

           In the neighborhood

A Man Called Electro

The Enforcers

       Why Does J.J.J Hate Spider-Man?

Turning Point

Unmasked By Doctor Octopus

The Menace of Mysterio

     1973: A Spider-Odyssey (Video Essay)
              Week ending March 17, 1973

              Spider-Man Comics Weekly #5

              Amazing Spider-Man #13 

The Grotesque Adventure of the Green Goblin

Kraven the Hunter

Duel with Daredevil

The Sinister Six (I)

The Sinister Six (II)

     Why is Doctor Octopus Spider-Man's Greatest Foe?

The Return of the Green Goblin

The End of Spider-Man

Spidey Strkes Back

IV: 1965

     The Long 1965 

The Coming of the Scorpion

Where Flies the Beetle

The Clown And His Masters of Menace

      The Strange Case of Ditko's Feet

The Goblin and the Gangsters

Spider-Man Goes Mad

Captured by J. Jonah Jameson

The Man in the Crime Master's Mask

     The biggest surprise of the season. (Patreons Only)

The Menace of the Molten Man

     Bright college days...

Never Step on a Scorpion

    The Tables Turned

The Claws of the Cat

     Twenty Weeks In Spring

      I'm For No More Love
      The Very Famous Master Planner Trilogy

If This Be My Destiny

Man on a Rampage

The Final Chapter 

      Boy, you're going to carry that weight

     The love you take is equal to the love you make

Looking For the Heart of '73 (forthcoming)

Epilogue (forthcoming)

Amazing Spider-Man #34 - #38

Amazing Spider-Man # 39 - #40

Amazing Spider-Man #40 - #50

The Strange Afterlife of Ben Parker

Untold Tales of Spider-Man

Spider-Man Chapter One

No-one Escapes The Fury!

The Leopard From Lime Street


Peter Parker's Financial Situation

(*) The kinds of things that I think people ought to be saying about the project:

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